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We have a vision! We grow our team by using this website as a guide and a training platform. Everything what we have learn about this business, we give you this information for your advantage.  This opportunity is for everybody who want´s to learn our methods and work your business as a team and to become successful in your Lyconet marketer program. (
  This website has been created to help you for building your Lyconet marketer career. To create your customer base and to expand your own shopping network.
  Our goal is to join together as a team and spread our network world wide. We give you a seed . The vision and the idea. With our help you can decide what kind of network you want to grow. Our team will provide you a guide how to learn much more about the system, working, teaching and to become a leader of your own team.

The Future is all about networks!

Today, most of the new innovations are about networks! The fact is that many latest success stories are not about inventing some new items, but instead of ways to attract and give better service for larger networks of consumers. All about social media and  applications for mobile devices, every single one of them are connecting people together as a large network. Businesses join together as in networks and many international company have their own networks. Business as in network is good, right?
Absolutely right! When we work as a team and we have our business network. We can reach much further in every possible way. In fact we even believe that building a network is the most important thing, on your To Do -list, when you build a modern successful business.
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Would you like to be a part of something very large and Global?

The business with a company which has been growing a worth of over billions of dollars and expanding rapidly in 47 countries. Together with a company having over 1000 employees for taking care of your business and your customers but still you don´t have to worry about paying salaries for anyone. Cost of starting this business is very minimal. We can reach  also company´s other business project´s.
Your business and all of us, as a team, ..Together we are strong!

Let us tell you a little bit more...

We are building a world wide shopping network, operated by myWorld group. Having already over 11 million active, monthly shopping members. We are aiming for the billion customers. The brand of this network is the Cashback World. The basic Idea is simple enough. A Free membership, for all range of shopping. Cashback discount from every purchase, every week, straight to your own bank account. When we get in to this business we will make agreement with the Lyconet and become the Lyconet marketers. Lyconet International AG is network marketing  sales organization for the myWorld brands.
Cashback World leads customers for the better selection of shops. From the very large variety, customers can benefit this program in all of their daily purchases.
Cashback World also guide people to support again their local shopkeepers and small entrepreneurs. They need your help in pressure of large shopping chain´s and growing markets of online business. Support them as a part of your local community and well being of your own country.​

Consumer economy! The biggest business in the world!

All of us are already a part of the world wide consumer economy in our daily purchases. Food, drink, fuel for your car, clothes, electricity ...anything you and me plus everyone else buy every day. We would like to share you an idea of how this can be your personal benefit. The best part is that this don`t cause losses to anyone. Believe us that the big juicy pie of global consumer economy will be shared now. Because consumer economy consider all and everything what people can legally buy,  It is all about how much you can do, determine of how big share you can get.
Grab on this opportunity today!

Let´s get to the point...

Today and possibly still 5-8 years forward, you have this amazing opportunity to benefit with this company of daily consumer economy worldwide. We can guarantee that you have an opportunity today. We don´t promise consistent opportunity for building your business forever, but we can guarantee that if it is not you, somebody will do it. No matter how much or little amount of customers your organization has, those people keep on shopping and every time you may earn from it.
This may happened with the low costs, but still you have to work for it. Your business may reach all around the world, already in 47 countries. Window of opportunity is open now! You can build your own success story together with this team and the Lyconet, by benefiting the consumer economy business.


New Competition for all Team 4Lifetime members:

Running for President

This competition is for all Team 4Lifetime members. Who will be the first one on Career level 8!!?

This career level is a start of  your Lyconet marketer career with a title President and the half way to the highest career level 8.8! Who will have this most desired title first and everything what comes with it. No time to waste. Be the first one!

You are welcome to join our team! Build your business with us and Lyconet.




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