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Hello and  Welcome! We are Netfinium Productions, and this web page is about our new documentary film production. Coming 12 months we are working with our professional team to produce a high quality, international documentary movie, called:

" Satoshi Nakamoto - The Architect of Bitcoin "

  In the ancient Greek language, "The Architect" has a meaning, "The master builder". Plato, described the architect as: " a person who plans, devises or contrives the achievement of a desired result " 

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This documentary movie is telling about the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, and people who were in connection to this master alias. This persons real identity has been able of stay hidden, and is a true enigma.

Satoshi Nakamoto, brought out to world a revolutionary vision and a plan how to execute it. This ideological vision was so strong, that "he" was able to gather a group of skill full programmers and lead them step by step, according to the plan. They worked hard, day and night, all around the world. Their only reward was depending on the final outcome. Satoshi, as a brains of this operation was been living this vision probably many years before. "He" wrote the original core of the code, and together with "his" team, they developed and released the world´s first ever crypto currency, the Bitcoin. 


We want to create a profiled picture of this character. We are on a mission to go deep in to this persons mind, the original vision and perhaps to find the answers for filling the timeline before this alias was born.

This documentary film is a tribute for the Satoshis legacy. It is also observing the outcome, how the rest of the world took this new invention, and how it is today changing the economical structures. Crypto currencies and the block chain technology has been a source and a strong influence for many new good inventions and ideas. It has also been creating many new kind of industries and businesses. 

Because of the nature,  how the bitcoin and followed crypto currencies has been created, these also brought for us a new kind of way of perspective to protect our privacy and own the power for our identity. We can see clearly the effects today, many kind ways in our every day life. Maybe it was a time to see things the alternative way. However, this has also started a controversial battle between individuals transparency and privacy. Specially when it comes to information about our wealth.


About the project:

We are about to interview many individuals who were behind the original block chain technology and has been in close contact with the development of this industry. We also want to find the answers to govermental and legal perspective about the Satoshi Nakamoto and the invention of "his" master minded industry.

We don´t know yet exactly where our journey will lead. The script and the structure of this movie will find it's form, how we want to show the world, during our project, for sure. Our great intention is to bring out a movie, which will keep the audience in tight hold and excitement, till the last second of it. The thirst for the knowledge about this industry is very big for many people. We want to deliver our audience, a clear cut understandable picture of the events in 2008, and the perspectives of the outcome of this legacy. What this industry mean today and what it will bring us tomorrow.

Our whole team is excited about this movie project. We have commit to work with passion. We want to make this movie as our master piece!

Funding Program:

This movie project is funded with a "Sponsoring share -program".  All together 250 available sponsoring shares, is creating the income pool. Movie's production time is estimated for 12 months. The movie's rights will be sold to various companies around the world. 65% of the income, produced by this movie, will be shared for sponsoring share holders.

Sponsoring share -program:

  • This movie is funded with 250 sponsoring shares

  • All shares together are forming a sponsoring share pool

  • 65 % of the revenue produced by this movie, will be shared for the sponsoring share holders.

  • The movie rights will be sold, all over the world, mainly to various movie theater's, media channels and the streaming service companies.

  • 6 months, after the movie is made, the revenue gathered to pool, will be delivered to sponsoring share holders. Later, pool will be shared every 3 months for next 5 years.

Thank you for sponsoring our documentary movie project!

We want to give our gratitude for all of our sponsors and give them credit by their name, in the movies end roller.

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Producer sponsoring shares:     min. 20 x full sponsoring shares


Main sponsors. Only selected by invitation and ones with a good reputation.

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  • Minimum, 20 shares of the sponsoring pool

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