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Steps to the Cloud Token world


Let´s take a look now for something that has catched our attention, and we have been following this progress ever since.
We saw this program first as the investing opportunity, which you can benefit by simply holding your crypto currency in this Cloud Token wallet and inside the wallet, in Jarvis AI project. This program has been able to work as the company promises. Cloud Token project, Jarvis AI is returning you roughly about 10%  monthly revenue. Compared to many well known other investments and the revenues ...this is a great investment!!
If you believe in crypto currencies, this program is risk free. If you wish to stop your Jarvis AI and pull your assets out, you get about the same amount out crypto currency back, than you placed in  ... However, if you concider crypto currencies unstable, you may also concider all the crypto currency investments as very high risk.

        Some facts about "Cryptos":

  • Those exist today in many ways of trade.
  • Crypto currency market´s are highly active and every day billions of dollars, pounds, euros..etc worth of crypto currencies, are purchased and sold in crypto markets. All together this market is estimated to be worth about 300 billion dollars.
  • Crypto currencies has the value, counted in today´s regular currencies, even this value changes by the amount of the trade volume.

Cloud Token

Jarvis AI -project

Cloud Token is a crypto currency wallet for mobile devices. You can store, send, swap and also earn cloud tokens in this wallet. This crypto superwallet is build with a 4th generation based block chain technology. It is safe and secure, and it is also, so called pseudo anonymus, meaning that your identity stays private.

Inside this wallet you will find a project called Jarvis AI. When we are talking about earning revenue from Cloud Token, we actually mean this project. Right now this is the only project available, but in future there will be two more where you can participate. Jarvis AI has a limited amount of "seats". Consider yourself lucky to manage still have your own spot ! 🙂


Sheldon spot

Simply, by depositing your crypto currencies in to the Jarvis AI -project, you will start to have daily rewards. Minimum deposit to activate Jarvis is 500 US$  as in crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.


Jarvis AI is the artificial intelligence trade robot ...or actually bunch of trade robots. Jarvis is concentrated on crypto currency markets. These robots can detect opportunities by benefiting various calculations and methods to predict crypto market´s movements.

Placing your assets in to the Jarvis, doesn´t cost you anything. You can start and stop Jarvis at any time, but pulling your assets out from Jarvis in less than 30 days, you need to suffer a 10% service fee. After 30 days in Jarvis, you will not be charged any fee.

Jarvis is returning you the revenue from 6-12 % / month (past months ~10%), as in Cloud Tokens or shortly as CTO. You can convert these CTO´s to many known crypto´s immediately, or you can keep on collecting CTO´s for the future use.

Referral Program

Cloud Token has very interesting referral program. You can find more details of the referral program from the official website, but we like to mention to you that, it is very much worth for you to talk about this program and spread your referral code.
Cloud Token program is "invitation only" type of system, so anyone who join in to this program is referred by somebody. No matter how much revenue your direct contact is making through Jarvis AI project, same amount of CTO is given to you also.
Your reward is 100% of what your direct contacts earn from Jarvis, and 50% from second level. Levels are going deeper and whole reward program is much larger, but I think you might get the point why we wanted you to know this.

Cloud Token - CTO

Cloud Token is not just any crypto token. The company has planned to change the future banking industry and Cloud Token has a big role in that plan.

Today, one CTO is valued 0,48$. This is sort of forced value, because you can´t purchase CTO yet. You can only earn it through Jarvis AI -project. Everyone can make their own calculations, how much higher CTO may rise in near future.

Be prepared!  ...because of things are moving fast. Coming months will bring plenty of new features. A lot of people will see CTO as much more valuable and useful then, and not just converting it to some other currency.


Get your own Cloud Token superwallet today!


Follow these instructions:

1. Download Cloud Token application from:


...or from your Play- or App store, with your mobile device.

2. Cloud Token membership is acquired by invitation only. To able to register a membership, you need a referral code. 

     Your referral code:  0483021676


3. Follow the instructions through your registering process.

Write down all your passwords, pin´s and mnemonic phrase on paper, and store those in safe place so you can find them later. At the end part of registering, CT remind you of this and show all this information. We recommend to take a screen shot of your details, so you can double check your notes, but don´t save this screen shot in your mobile phone.

Activating Jarvis AI:

 After your registering process is done, you can open your Cloud Token -application. and activate Jarvis AI

You may send crypto currency from some other wallet, or you can buy it from for example Wirex,

When buying your cryptocurrency, copy your "receive" address from the Cloud Token wallet, and paste it in to the wallet where your are sending your cryptocurrency from. All the crypto wallets has the guided instructions or otherwise the support can guide you, how to buy and send coins.

When your assets are showing in your Cloud Token wallet, click the most left side round button called "Projects". This will open a picture, a silhouette of a person and on top of the picture it says Jarvis AI. Tap the picture. When you are activating Jarvis the first time, you need to accept also Jarvis AI rules. After accepting the rules, you will have a view of the same silhouette picture plus selection of several crypto currencies. Select the crypto currency, which ones you have. Assets should be showing on each boxes if you have stored those to Cloud Token wallet.

You can choose the amount of cryptos you wish to place in Jarvis AI program, but we suggest you simply press "Max" button and place them all. Neglect this advise only if you know that you need these crypto assets, outside the Cloud Token wallet, within next 30 days. There is no binding agreements of any kind on Jarvis, but you will be charged 10% of the value of your assets in Jarvis, if you pull those assets off sooner than 30 days!

After you have set your crypto currency in to Jarvis -project, it takes about 48 hours to activate and you receive your first revenue. Enjoy "mining" CTO´s!... 🙂